The DieciNove microbrewery is located in the historic centre of Spello, Umbria, a one-of-a-kind town of enchanting beauty in the green heart of Italy.

Nestled inside historic stone walls with characteristic vaulted ceilings, our 500-litre brewery produces 20-hectolitres of beer monthly. Using seasonal fruit and flowers from the surrounding territory, we are telling a local story full of flavours and emotions.

The ingredients used in all of our classic, seasonal and specialty beers are of the highest quality and come from certified local producers. The raw materials used in the manufacturing process are monitored and checked before every batch.

We are always searching for new innovations in beer production systems and we do not use any filtration or pasteurisation. We also respect the traditions of beer and marry these with innovations, inspired by a little bit of madness but above all else, the love of beer.